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The Best Terpenes for Energy

By Adam Gillman

We got great feedback on last week’s post - The Best Terpenes for Sleep. So, we decided to flip the script and provide the same info for energy.

Here’s a breakdown of the best terpenes and cannabis strains when you’re looking for a big pick me up.


This terpene naturally has a flowery scent - like lilacs. It helps to naturally relax your mind and provide an energy boost. It’s also known for stress and/or anxiety relief. The best strain we recommend for high Terpinolene content is XJ-13. It’s fantastic for bringing your energy and creativity up!


Pinene is arguably the best terpene for improving your memory retention and alertness. It has a sweet and pine-like aroma and taste. The Pinene strains that we recommend are Jillybean and Harlequin. Both strains will increase energy levels and Harlequin also has high CBD content to help balance the alertness (which can sometimes lead to increased anxiety).


As you might guess, it tastes and smells like lemon. High Limonene strains will help elevate your mood, relieve your stress, and add a pep to your step. We recommend MAC and Strawberry Banana.

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