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Can I Smoke Old Weed?

I know we’ve all been in the position where we run out of weed and started looking everywhere to find something to smoke. In my house right now, I probably have 10 assorted containers of weed that’s 1 year old or more.

Recently, I decided to do some investigation around weed, how it ages, and what that means for you if you use it. Here are the main takeaways:

Potency will be affected

Depending on how old the weed is, it could either be substantially less potent than it was when it was fresh or not have any discernible THC content at all.

It will almost definitely taste terrible

Old weed is going to taste pretty awful and likely be very harsh on your throat. If it’s really dry, you should stay away.

How it’s stored matters

If stored in an airtight container that’s going to extend the shelf life drastically. If it’s been sitting exposed to open air for an extended period of time, it’s definitely as good as an old pile of grass clippings.

Watch out for mold

Smoking old, dry weed poses no health risks. Smoking old, moldy weed, on the other hand, is super dangerous. If you see any white patches, stay away!

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