Maywood Dispensary

Clique Cannabis is a new retail Maywood dispensary. Our chic shop offers cannabis products for adults who want to enjoy this natural remedy. With its accessible location, Clique Cannabis provides a convenient nexus for all of your cannabis needs.


Step inside our hip, upbeat shop to explore all of our cannabis products. At Clique Cannabis, we serve adult customers over the age of 21 and medical patients. Whether you are a newcomer to cannabis or a long-term aficionado, we are here to help.

As soon as you arrive, one of our cannabis guides can take you on a journey through our top-rated items. We give every guest a safe, friendly environment for exploring different products. At our modern facility, guests can discover more than 1,000 different products for medical and recreational purposes. We offer a wide range of concentrates, topical products, edibles, flowers and more.

Our shop is in full compliance with Proposition 64. Within our licensed store, guests can enjoy friendly customer service, a hip setting, world-class products and a welcoming experience. No matter what you are looking for, we can help you find the perfect product for your needs.

With more than 1,000 products in our shop, we have something for everyone. Our curated collection includes topical products, edibles, concentrates, flowers and many more options. If you want an award-winning product and excellent customer service, view our our menu.

At Clique Cannabis, we ensure the highest quality of cannabis. For a premium experience, our customers can forget about the farm-to-table movement. Thanks to our Clique Farming Company, we can bring our customers a true farm-to-joint experience.



Are you searching for the perfect bud for binge-watching Netflix? Do you need a topical product for your arthritis? Whether you are a medical patient or a recreational user, we have you covered.

At Clique Cannabis, we want to help every cannabis lover find the perfect product. The type of topical product or bud you choose will depend on what you need it for. Some people fall in love with the deep relaxation of indica strains. Other clients want the energizing influence of sativa strains. Meanwhile, many of our medical patients seek out the long-lasting effects of edible products, which can be discreetly used in social situations.

People discover cannabis for many different reasons. Whether you are seeking pain relief or a way to kick back on the weekends, our cannabis guides can show you the best products for your needs. As long as you are a medical patient or a recreational user over the age of 21, we are here to help.

Proudly Serving Maywood

License: C12-0000



Dispensary • LA County • California

Medical & Recreational

Serving cities such as Maywood, throughout the county and California.