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When your flight arrives at LAX, you will be pleased to discover that Clique Cannabis is only about a short drive from the airport. Clique Cannabis is in a convenient location for all your cannabis needs.


At Clique Cannabis, we use our own Clique Farming Co. so that we always provide our customers headed to the airport with quality products that keep them coming back every time they travel.


We supply award-winning products and the best cannabis shopping experience, among the closest dispensaries to LAX. Many people spend time and energy searching for quality cannabis at a fair price, and they don’t always know where to find it. At Clique Cannabis, we believe in providing high-end cannabis at reasonable prices.

With multiple perfected strains, we are confident you will be thrilled when you visit our selection. We stand behind everything we sell. Coming to our dispensary near LAX puts you in touch with cannabis experts who will guide you through the buying process from start to finish. We want to give you a positive experience and will show you what cannabis products make the most sense for your situation. You will be glad you came to us as soon as you walk through our doors and meet our caring and professional team.

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At Clique, our dispensary offers a wide selection of items on our menu for your enjoyment. You will find orange sunset, forbidden fruit and a range of other great flavors when you shop at our dispensary.

LAX Dispensary: Recreational and Medical

We have products that meet your needs whether you are looking for medical or recreational cannabis. While both recreational and medical cannabis are legal in California, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind while shopping for a product. The laws in the state currently allow residents to have up to an ounce of recreational cannabis on them at a time.

Having more than that amount puts you at risk for legal action. If you are like most people, you use recreational cannabis to relax or enhance your mood. Since THC is the compound that allows you to achieve that goal, recreational cannabis often has more THC than CBD. Anyone in the state can purchase recreational cannabis as long as they don't have more than the amount allowed by the law.

Medical cannabis, on the other hand, treats specific medical conditions. Many people use medical cannabis to treat or reduce the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions. Those looking to use medical cannabis must first get the approval of their medical care provider, and they can then have up to 8 ounces of cannabis at a time.

Medical cannabis often has a different ratio of CBD and THC because its goal is to treat medical conditions. Higher CBD concentrations reduce the psychoactive impact of THC and increase the medical benefits users experience. This fact is important to remember because your doctor might prescribe a certain ratio depending on the condition for which you are seeking treatment.

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As a local dispensary near LAX, we offer cannabis throughout the county and California.